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Welcome to Tallahassee’s newest arts and entertainment destination: South Monroe Walls.

Over the course of history, public art has harnessed the power to inspire, educate and innovate. It can send important messages to the community, make people more aware of their environment, and allow the public to see and experience art in memorable ways. From carefully planned murals to mixed-media sculptures and street art, spaces dedicated to public art give the artist and the public opportunities to interact in ways that inspire the senses and spark conversation.

SoMo Walls, located between Oakland Avenue and Harrison Street along South Monroe Street, and directly across Proof Brewing Company, is a new exciting addition to the Tallahassee public art scene. It serves as an extension of growing art walk culture peppered throughout Gaines Street and Downtown Tallahassee. SoMo Walls is a major arts and entertainment destination for people to explore just beyond the pedestrian-friendly Cascades Park. By blending artistic expression with modern retail spaces, SoMo Walls is a hub of daily activities easily accessible throughout the day and night for residents and visitors alike. Initially, SoMo Walls will host 14 rotating wall canvases nestled among 33,000 square feet of commercial activity including multiple food & beverage options, service and event space. There is truly something for everyone.

Inspired by Wynwood Walls in Miami-Dade County and fueled by a growing desire for a revitalized downtown, SoMo Walls aims to bring back life to this once neglected streetscape and give Florida’s Capital the opportunity to tell its story through art.


This is your newest destination for arts and entertainment.

Come and join us at SoMo Walls!

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