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  • What is our Vision for this Project?
    We are inspired by diverse and vibrant districts across the nation, where walkability and cultural richness unite communities. Our aspiration is to create a similar, dynamic environment here in Tallahassee. By fostering an incremental development approach, we aim to not only enrich the local experience but also catalyze economic momentum along the South Monroe Business corridor.
  • What are the "Walls"?"
    Introducing "Walls" – towering structures standing at 16 feet in height and spanning 20 feet in width. These Art Walls/Canvases are part of our vision to cultivate and expand Tallahassee's thriving art-walk culture. Designed as open-air, walkable galleries, these Walls will serve as a platform for our vibrant arts community, offering a compelling space for public engagement and appreciation.
  • What is the location of SoMo Walls?
    We are located between Oakland Avenue and Harrison Street, situated along South Monroe Street, directly across from Proof Brewing Company. Full Address: 1327 South Monroe Street, Tallahassee, Florida, 32301
  • What is the project timeline?
    Navigating the complexities of the modern construction landscape makes pinpointing an exact completion date challenging. Nevertheless, we strive to establish benchmarks and work hard towards achieving them. We've set a completion target for the South Monroe Walls project at the end of February 2024, excluding tenant build-out considerations. Our ambitious goal is to have a significant portion, approximately 80%, of the businesses within our project up and running by the end of March 2024.
  • What kind of businesses will take place in the development?
    A key focus of the South Monroe Walls project has been securing tenants to offer essential amenities to the surrounding neighborhoods. Staying true to our promises, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming opening of the following businesses in early 2024: Walls Distilling Company (Distillery): Brace yourselves for a fusion of tradition, innovation and modernity. In March 2024, Walls Distilling Company is expected to open its doors as the anchor tenant of South Monroe Walls project. The Monroe (Restaurant): Scheduled for a March 2024 debut, The Monroe will take you on a contemporary culinary adventure. Offering a modern dining experience, paired with delicious cocktails and a spacious patio setting, The Monroe aims to be your go-to local destination. Burn Boot Camp (Fitness): Among the initial tenants to sign their lease, Burn will bring in transformative 45-minute workouts, comprehensive nutritional support, trainer-focused meetings, complimentary childwatch, and the backing of one of the premier fitness communities in Tallahassee. Pizza & Bar: Lease signed, and the build-out is underway! Anticipated to feature both indoor and outdoor spaces, this concept is set to welcome visitors by late March 2024. Stay tuned for additional details. Coffee Tenant: Announcement is coming soon. Suite 2: The final available unit. Providing 2,500 SF indoors and 2,000 SF of outdoor space, we are currently in discussions with three distinct concepts—all of which hold great promise for South Monroe Walls. Stay tuned for updates.
  • Local Economic Impact
    In 2021, the Tallahassee Community Redevelopment Agency estimated that our development would contribute an additional $706,000 in property taxes. It is anticipated that this figure is even higher today. This estimation does not account for the taxes that will be generated by forthcoming developments in this corridor. The Center for Economic Forecasting & Analysis (CEFA) at Florida State University, in Partnership with the Tallahassee-Leon County Office of Economic Vitality (OEV) prepared an economic impact analysis for South Monroe Walls. Study suggests that the total economic impact of South Monroe Walls is estimated to be 130 jobs, over $6.4 million in income or wages and approximately $17.8 million in economic output. The construction impacts are estimated to total 79 jobs, over $4.6 million in income or wages and more than $12.5 million in economic output (sales/revenues). On an annual (permanent) basis, the project is projected to generate 67 jobs, approximately $1.7 million in income or wages, and more than $5.3 million in economic output (sales/revenues).
  • Details of Public Assistance Requests
    The existing plans include essential enhancements, such as sidewalk improvements and street beautification along South Monroe Street, the construction of new sidewalks and street parking on Harrison Street and Oakland Avenue, and the implementation of site lighting for enhanced nighttime visibility and safety. As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we are introducing new trees and greenery, including live oak trees, crepe myrtle, flowers, and plants throughout the site that did not exist previously in this industrial district.
  • Minority Business Inclusion Goal
    After collaborating with the Southside leaders and our construction team, we have voluntarily increased the required minority-owned businesses inclusion goal. Currently, City of Tallahassee, Leon County and CRA aims for 10.5% of the construction budget in their projects. We have more than tripled that goal to 35%. In order to achieve this, we have committed to coordinate with Leon County Office of Economic Vitality, Florida A&M University Small Business Development Center and Big Bend Minority Chamber of Commerce to organize pre-bid meetings, workshops and Mentor- Protégés programs. Once project moves forward, we will reach out to minority and disadvantaged businesses for opportunities associated with the construction of the project.
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