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  • What is our Vision?
    We are inspired by diverse and vibrant districts across the nation, where walkability and cultural richness unite communities. We have aspired to create a similar, dynamic environment here in Tallahassee. Our aim is to not only enrich the local experience but also catalyze economic momentum along the South Monroe Business corridor.
  • What are the "Walls"?"
    Introducing "Walls" – towering shipping containers standing at 16 feet in height and spanning 20 feet in width, repurposed as part of our vision to cultivate and expand Tallahassee's thriving art-walk culture. Designed as open-air, walkable galleries, these Walls will serve as a platform for our vibrant arts community, offering a compelling space for public engagement and appreciation.
  • Where is SoMo Walls located?
    We are located between Oakland Avenue and Harrison Street, situated along South Monroe Street, directly across from Proof Brewing Company. Full Address: 1327 South Monroe Street, Tallahassee, Florida, 32301
  • When will SoMo Walls be fully completed?
    The construction phase for the SoMo Walls buildings has concluded. Our anchor tenants, Walls Distilling Company & The Monroe Restaurant, are now setting their sights on opening their doors in June 2024. Meanwhile, the Art Walls will be meticulously curated throughout this year, adding a vibrant touch to the space. As for our other tenants, they are currently in the buildout process, each shaping their unique spaces within the development.
  • What businesses can be found at SoMo Walls?
    A key focus of the South Monroe Walls project has been securing tenants to offer essential amenities to the surrounding neighborhoods. Staying true to our promises, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming opening of the following businesses in 2024: Walls Distilling Company (Distillery): Brace yourselves for a fusion of tradition, innovation and modernity. In March 2024, Walls Distilling Company is expected to open its doors as the anchor tenant of South Monroe Walls project. The Monroe (Restaurant): Scheduled for a March 2024 debut, The Monroe will take you on a contemporary culinary adventure. Offering a modern dining experience, paired with delicious cocktails and a spacious patio setting, The Monroe aims to be your go-to local destination. Burn Boot Camp (Fitness): Among the initial tenants to sign their lease, Burn will bring in transformative 45-minute workouts, comprehensive nutritional support, trainer-focused meetings, complimentary childwatch, and the backing of one of the premier fitness communities in Tallahassee. Coffee Tenant: Announcement is coming soon. Suite 2: Space is available - providing 2,500 SF indoors and 2,000 SF of outdoor space. This suite faces South Monroe, and has a view of the Art Walls as well. Suite 4: Space is available - providing 1380 SF indoors. This suite faces Oakland Avenue and has a view of the Art Walls.
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