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  • What is our Vision for this Project?
    We are inspired by diverse, walkable and influential districts all over the country that bring the local community together through Arts & Culture. Our goal is to provide Tallahassee residents an incremental development - while triggering economic movement on South Monroe Business corridor.
  • Why the name "SoMo"?"
    SoMo is the short form of "South Monroe". It is frequently used by the media, businesses and the community when referring to the district. How attached are we to this name? Not too attached. You have a new name suggestions? Let us know by visiting our Contact page!
  • What are the "Walls"?"
    "Walls" are 10-foot-tall Art Walls/Canvases with various widths that we are planning on building. We would like to extend growing art-walk culture, adding a brand-new platform for Tallahassee’s local arts community. It will be an open-air, walkable gallery accessible by the general public.
  • What is the location of this proposed project?
    Proposed site is located between Oakland Avenue and Harrison Street, along South Monroe Street and directly across from Proof Brewing Company.
  • What is the project timeline?
    We have already been working diligently alongside local professionals and the City of Tallahassee on this project for many months (dating back to late 2018). We have completed conceptual design, cost estimates and have substantial interest from local businesses. Once site and building permits are approved, we are planning on finishing the construction within nine months. Our goal is to deliver the project within Summer 2022.
  • What kind of businesses will take place in the development?
    Our goal is to add much-needed mixture of local-centric, family-oriented, retail stores and food options for the visitors of the "Walls". We currently have 80% of available spaces reserved for local businesses who submitted their formal letters to lease these spaces. For more detail of the spaces, you can visit our loopnet listing.
  • Local economic impact?
    Tallahassee Community Redevelopment Agency has estimated that our development will generate additional $706,000 in property taxes. This does not include taxes that will be generated by future developments in this corridor. The Center for Economic Forecasting & Analysis (CEFA) at Florida State University, in Partnership with the Tallahassee-Leon County Office of Economic Vitality (OEV) prepared an economic impact analysis for South Monroe Walls. Study suggests that the total economic impact of South Monroe Walls is estimated to be 130 jobs, over $4.85 million in income or wages and approximately $15.2 million in economic output. The construction impacts are estimated to total 63 jobs, over $1.8 million in income or wages and more than $9.9 million in economic output (sales/revenues). On an annual (permanent) basis, the project is projected to generate 67 jobs, approximately $1.1 million in income or wages, and more than $5.3 million in economic output (sales/revenues). For the entire report, you can go on our “Community” page and download the file.
  • Public Infrastructure and Environment
    The current plans include much-needed sidewalk improvements and street beautification on South Monroe Street, construction of new sidewalks and street parking on Harrison Street and Oakland Avenue, and site lighting for night-time visibility and safety. We are asking the City of Tallahassee to explore the possibility of taking electric and data lines on the South Monroe front of the property underground. We have no plans to increase the area of impervious surfaces (buildings, concrete or asphalt pavements) that is currently existing on site. In addition to that, we are planting additional trees, flowers and plants throughout the site.
  • Minority Business Inclusion Goal
    After collaborating with the Southside leaders and our construction team, we have voluntarily increased the required minority-owned businesses inclusion goal. Currently, City of Tallahassee, Leon County and CRA aims for 10.5% of the construction budget in their projects. We have more than tripled that goal to 35%. This will be one of the conditions of the public funding and it will be incorporated into the Development Agreement we will execute with the CRA Board. In order to achieve this, we have committed to coordinate with Leon County Office of Economic Vitality, Florida A&M University Small Business Development Center and Big Bend Minority Chamber of Commerce to organize pre-bid meetings, workshops and Mentor- Protégés programs. Once project moves forward, we will reach out to minority and disadvantaged businesses for opportunities associated with the construction of the project.
  • Details of Tallahassee CRA Public Assistance Request
    Our development is estimated to cost around $5 million. After many meetings with CRA Staff within the last year, on March 4th, 2020, we officially requested $560,000 in forgivable grants from the Tallahassee CRA. Funds are for streetscaping, site improvements, landscaping, permits and other redevelopment expenses, which represents 12 percent of the overall project budget. In addition, a funding request has been made to the Tallahassee CRA for an additional $212,000 in public infrastructure improvement for burying the electrical utility lines. On June 29, 2020, Tallahassee CRA unanimously approved funding for both of these requests, giving green light for economic development and job creation in Southside Tallahassee through South Monroe Walls. We have agreed to receive the grants in 5 installment payments ($112,000 per year) over the next 5 years, subject to the compliance with the Development Agreement that will have the terms and conditions of the assistance. You can watch one of our online Community Engagement events and learn more about the details!
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