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Orla Ananda

Mural Status



March 2024

Home Base

Miami, FL


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Orla Ananda graduated with a BFA from Parsons the New School for Design and lived in NYC for 12 years, during which time she worked for multiple art institutions and as a fashion photographer and a graphic designer. Her unique style is heavily influenced by her love of colorful graphic elements and the contrast of black and white photography. She is most known for her multicolored geometric structures with linear patterns and for activating the South Florida community through public art installations.


Orla Ananda painted 70+ murals and showed her work in New York, Miami, Tulum, Paris, Moscow, and St. Petersburg.Her work publications include The New York Times, Miami Herald, Architectural Digest, Elle Decoration, GQ, Marie Clair, Cosmopolitan, and others.In her 15+ years of working in the art industry, Orla Ananda worked and collaborated with companies such as Converse Kids, Alpha Romeo, Armory Show, Frieze Art Fair, Carnegie Hall, Hermitage Museum, and Soho House to name a few.


Orla has been commissioned to bring her artistic vision to life by installing captivating artwork on the iconic fins of the southern block. Commencing her work last week, she can be spotted on a scissor lift along South Monroe Street, moving up and down to craft her masterpiece. If you are around, take a moment to witness the artistic transformation taking place over the next week as Orla adds her unique touch to our urban landscape.

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