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Brand Logo Survey

South Monroe Walls project team would like to invite you to join our Brand Logo Survey. We are in search of a dynamic and contemporary logo that reflects our vision for our project. But, we don't want to do it alone. We need your input!

The goal of this survey is to maximize the community input on a key component of our branding package: The Project Logo. So far, we had a total of 11 designers participated in the process with a total of 25 different logo options - all being very creative. After a long 4 days of difficult selection process, our project team short-listed the following logos.



Taylor Erwin

Ignite Marketing

Steve Leacock

Leacock Design Co.

Stephen Leacock w_ Leacock Designs LS_Page_7.png
SMW - Logo Colorway - Version 04.jpg

Zoe Perez

ZP Design

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