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How Can You Help?

We are requesting $560,000 in forgivable grants from the Tallahassee CRA for streetscaping on South Monroe street, site improvements, permits and other redevelopment expenses, which represents 12 percent of the overall project budget. In addition to site-related grant funds, a funding request has been made to the Tallahassee CRA for an additional $212,000 in public infrastructure improvements for underground electricity lines fronting the development’s portion of S. Monroe Street. If you need more information on the details of the purpose of these funds, you can go on our "FAQ" page, or attend one of the online community engagement events we have scheduled. For more information on dates and times, go on our "Community Engagement" page. You can also e-mail us with any other questions you may have through or simply go on our "Contact" page. 

If you would like to see this project turn into reality, please complete the following form/survey and we will forward your responses to City Officials:

Let us know why you like our project !
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